PAYINK Web API - overview

The purpose of this document is to provide a high-level specification for the PAYINK Web Service API (Application Programming Interface). We expect the readers of this document will already have an understanding of basic API/Web Services concepts.
The PAYINK Web API will be used by PAYlNK clients to push customer data to PAYINK for processing e.g. the sending of invoices, payment links and reconciliations of those payments. Once the API is called by the client, we will validate and authorize the client and return the information based on the level of access they have and information they required. The response will be in JSON format by default.
The web methods described below are some of the possible scenarios for the API calls and it can be extended to create as many web methods as required to service the customer needs.

Web Service

When the client requires to push data to PAYINK, the client will establish a connection to the PAYINK Web API by calling the PAYINK Web API URL link and adding private key from PAYINK merchant app to the request header. (If you do not already have a PAYINK account please email [email protected] to request one, with details of your requirements.) The PAYINK Web API will check the private key and will send the request response as JSON value if the private key is accepted. Sample code for web service method calls will be provided in the user manual in different programming languages for client to use.
Last modified 1yr ago